Saturday, January 08, 2005

Holy Cow!!!!!

This blog has been around for about 5 months. It took a lot of linking and blogwhoring over that period for it to reach the current level of readership. I certainly have fans, check this great compliment out:

…or these wonderful words here:

As of last night, my stats for this blog looked like this:

Science and Politics (inaugurated on 8/17/2004)

Total ........................ 6,922
Average per Day ................ 108
Average Visit Length .......... 2:23
This Week ...................... 755

As of 1:47pm EST today:
7,040 visits

214 links from 187 sources

TTLB Ecosystem Status: Large Mammal

But look at this now. Her are the stats for my other blog that I just started a couple of days ago, Circadiana (

Circadiana (inaugurated on 1/6/2005)

As of last night:
Total ............................ 3
Average per Day .................. 2
Average Visit Length .......... 0:00
This Week ........................ 3

As of 1:43pm EST today:
1,084 visitors

24 links from 20 sources

TTLB Ecosystem Status: Crunchy Crustacean (this will change tonight for sure).

What! Circadiana got more hits in half a day than Science and Politics gets in its best week! Why? OK, a link from Boing Boing is a good thing, of course. But why did it happen?

I think that there is a glut of generalists’ blogs out there, but a real hunger for specialists blogs ( Experts draw audiences due to their expertise. On matters of law you ask a lawyer, you ask a philosopher your philosophical questions, and a professional programmer how to fix your nifty blog template. If you are interested in circadian biology, you come and ask me. You don’t trust quacks of the blogosphere, you trust me. And so far, Circadiana has just one post which is a fusion and edit of two posts I have already published on Science And Politics. Circadiana just seemed so empty, I decided to post the thing there as a place-holder. I have collected information for further posts and will start posting arcane circadiana there regularly.

More, much more on this tonight. Fix some coffee and get ready to read a very long post on this very matter: blogs and (scientific) expertise).

The same "Circadiana" post is now on, thus thousands of blogs carry the link to it right now. The current tally, at about 6:10pm, is over 1800 hits. Interestingly, "Science and Politics" is over 200 for today already, most arriving from "Circadiana" (as I smartly posted some links there).

Also, please submit your science/nature/medicine posts to me for the next issue of Tangled Bank. Scroll down or use the link on the blogroll for more info ( I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me your link by about 5pm on the 11th of January.

New categories for the Kaufax Awards are up on Wampum. It was really difficult to choose the Best Blog Writing - there are so many - but I picked The Common Ills. Also, I voted for Pharyngula for the Best Expert Blog, Chris Mooney's Intersection for the Best Single Issue Blog, Legal Fiction for the Best Non-Professional Blog, Panda's Thumb for the Best Group Blog, and Rude Pundit for the most humorous blog. More categories (e.g., Pro-Blog, New Blog, Best Series, Best Post, Funniest Post, etc.) will be coming over the next couple of days so keep checking over there.


Total hits:

Science and Politics

Yesterday: 309 Today: 147 (@12:40pm EST)


Yesterday: 2106 Today: 1106

The sleep post on Circadiana was rated as the 15th most virulent post in the blogosphere at one point (by blogdex). Most hits of Sci/Pol were coming from Circadiana again.

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