Sunday, January 30, 2005

Carnival of the Godless

The first inaugural issue of the Carnival of the Godless is now online. Go read all the entries, bookmark/blogroll all the contributing blogs and, while you are still inspired, write your own entry for the issue #2.

Hey, another carnival is starting, the Carnival of Bad History. And if you are ineterested in the bad history of how that carnival got started, go here. Archy apparently did bad Balkan history in grad school, and I ran away from the bad history actually happening in the Balkans, thus I feel there is a connection there, somewhere....

...and Eric Gordy actually went into the Balkans to see first-hand the bad history happening. As a result, he is now doing some really good Balkan anthropology (actually, sociology, but I am not trained to understand the difference, ... anyway, read his book!). He is blogging over at East Ethnia ( and is starting a Carnival of the Balkans (, so, if you are from there, or you write about the Balkans wherever you are, submit a post to Eric.

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