Thursday, December 02, 2004

WWDD (What Would Darwin Do?) or Biological Time in Darwinian Perspective

One of the purposes of a blog may also be to save one's writings from being trashed on old disks, old computers, or even old paper. So, here is something I wrote a couple of years ago. It may be somewhat out-dated in the sense that more recent references can be added, but the main thrust of the argument is still OK, I believe.

It is long, but it is also much less politicized than the related posts, e.g.,:

I hope you find it enjoyable. Unfortunately, Blogger is unpredictable as usual, so the four parts did not publish in order I posted them. Thus, it may be better to follow these links:

Part I - Darwinian Method

Part II - Darwin on Time

Part III - Whence Clocks?

Part IV - Power of Darwinian Method

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