Sunday, December 12, 2004

Money, Time and Sex

Here is a great explanation why we are about to lose the title of being Number One Economic Power In The World:

Bowling Over Dollars

If you liked this:

...perhaps you will also like a more anthropocentric version, about Time Perception:

In other news, Matt Yglesias has a great post countering the Baby Gap Bobo Brooks/Steve Sailer thesis:

Fertility Politics

Yes, yes, yes. Kids are more liberal than parents, and no, as they grow older, people do not tend to become more conservative - instead they APPEAR to be more conservative because their kids are even more liberal:

Also, for some other red/blue correlations, see this:

This is beautiful and deep:

My queer identity

And while we are on the topic of sex,....well, porn takes about half the Internet, is responsible for half the adware, spyware and viruses, and is the source of half the spam. Many people cannot understand that Internet is not all stored in one building that Feds can raid. If that was true, porn sites would be gone by now, not to mention poltical blogs. No, Internet is a diffuse network of thousands of servers, and millions of computers all around the world. Even if they want to shut your blog down, as long as you keep your template, your links and your best posts as Word files on your computer, you can re-start your blog (under a new name, perhaps) within minutes. I wish it was possible to get control over the Internet porn - not to eliminate it, free speech etc., but to prevent it from being such a nuisance for others. On the other hand, there is no porn site that is as sexy as this one:

And it is not porn. Actually, Trojan made a TV ad the same way and it was judged not to be porn by any definition (even the "I know it if I see it" one). There is no nudity. There are no sex acts between two or more partners. There are no professional actors. It is pure beauty - immensely powerful. Read more about it here:

Come Together
It's November 3. Let the rapture begin.

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