Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The IDC blog-craze

Blogs are gping nuts over IDC and Evolution. Hundreds of blogs have something to say about it.

There are two new threads on Kos, both seem to be non-starters, though:

Slate writes this:

Creation Myth: No Christian Taliban is taking over your school board.

which links to this:

Unintelligible Redesign: This is the way creationism ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

which links to this:

The "New" Creationism

Elsewhere around the blogs, there is a variety of responses. Some examples:

Darwinism vs. Creationism: The Battle Rages On!

Warning - Too Much Education Causes (gasp!)...


Honk if you understand Punctuated Equilibrium

King George the Malevolent: What the...

Open Thread: Evolution and IDC Discussions

Rules for Being a Republican

ID: To engage or ignore?

Creationism and the Grand Canyon

Thomas Jefferson and the American Right

Intelligent Design

Evolution & Intelligent Design, Part II

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