Thursday, December 23, 2004

Conservatives are Crazy and Dangerous

In the previous post I let the Wingers speak for themselves. However, there is also quite a lot of psychological research done and published. An encyclopedic review of such research is here:


A brief summary. These things are strongly correlated (remember that correlation does not mean causation):

When you put together all this, the Wingers' own words from the previous post, and everything else I wrote on this blog before, there are some clear conclusions:

There is no equivalency - Conservatism is Bad and Liberalism is Good. There is no middle ground. Period.

Conservatives are too emotionally and intellectually deranged to be talked to. They perceive this as a life-and-death struggle. Thus, reaching out to them is not just pointless, it is suicidal. We have to take them on with full force.

Although the above are all correlations, we can guess at the direction of causation. As conservative ideology is a much more abstract idea than gender identity, appearing later in an individual's development, it is much more likely that femiphobia causes conservatism than the other way round. As both femiphobia and conservatism are a result of Dobsonian Strict-father childrearing practice, i.e., it is inherited from one generation to the next via familial upbringing, the essential component in the fight against conservatism is to prevent them from raising their own kids in their own way.

A NYC escort writes on her experiences with Republican clients during the RNC, read as well the comments, including one about an escort who never takes Republicans as "....invariably they were fat, BAD about paying and almost all of them had a kink too wierd to deal with. Usually the 'mommy spank, beat me, **** me' kind- to the extreme. ":

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