Monday, November 22, 2004

Blog Tower

One of my favourite bloggers, Eric from Total Information Awareness ( got a post reprinted in the first ever edition of a an actual physical book of collected posts from the blogosphere. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You can read the whole book online, of course. But if you want to help out Mick Arran (of Omnium fame, keep up with his great blog, you may want to send a couple of bucks his way by ordering the real thing. He is the mastermind and editor of the (drumroll, please....):

Blog Tower

The collection (and I hope there will be many more) covers politics, art, literature and various miscellaneous areas. I found two gaping holes, though. Blogosphere is blessed by presence of some great writers in two additional areas: philosophy (e.g., Siris, Leiter Report, Majicthise, Tristero...) and science (e.g., Chris Mooney, Carl Zimmer, PZMyers of Pharyngula, Panda's Thumb, Quark Soup...). I hope Mick copies some of their excellent posts in future editions.

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