Saturday, October 30, 2004

I Hope This Is A Canary In The Mine...

Here is the breakdown of voter registration of early voters so far in North Carolina. D = Democrat, L = Libertarian, R = Republican, U = Undeclared.

I am assuming that the Republicans are less angry and motivated to vote early, thus will close the gap somewhat on Tuesday, but I do not see them winning. Both from my experience last Thursday when I went to vote, and from what I see on local TV, the long lines of voters are full of African Americans, Hispanics, women, and young people.

See this:
The Left's Well-Oiled Machine

With the reports being similar in Nevada ( and Florida, I am wondering if North Carolina is typical of the country...because if it is, we may be seeing a Kerry landslide!

Wake County (e.g., Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Garner):
Early voting counts at all Wake sites Friday, October 29
D 5671 48.0%
L 15 0.1%
R 3994 33.8%
U 2123 18.0%
TOTAL 11,803

Cumulative early voting 16 days through 10/29 for Wake County
D 39,858 50.3%
L 64 0.1%
R 25,734 33.2%
U 12,60 16.4%
TOT 77,415

This is 28.9%% of the total voter turnout in 2000. It represents 19.7% of all the registered Ds having voted early compared with 16.5% of all registered voters

Orange (e.g., Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Pittsboro) early voting through Thursday
D 15,000 62.3%
L 79 0.3%
R 4,288 17.8
U 4,725 19.6
TOTAL 24,092

This is 48.8% of the 2000 turnout in Orange County

Durham County (e.g, Durham) early voting FINAL TOTALS
D 30,173 65.4%
L 104 0.2%
R 8,719 18.9%
U 7,118 15.4%
Total 46,114

This is 54.5% of the total 2000 turnout in Durham.

Guilford (e.g., Greensboro) early voting FINAL TOTALS
D 36,464 51.1%
L 65 0.1%
R 26,319 36.9%
U 8,486 11/9%
Total: 71,356

This is 42.9% of the total 2000 turnout in Guilford

Mecklenburg (e.g., Charlotte) early voting stats through Thursday
TOTAL 75,209 (no party breakdown available)
This is 28.6% of 2000 turnout

UPDATE (from Raleigh News and Observer):

Long lines linger as early voting ends
On the last day of early voting Saturday, lines snaked around sidewalks and
turned around buildings at voting sites across the Triangle as voters cast
ballots that election officials think will add up to as many as 1 million
statewide before Tuesday's election.

If official counts hit that number,
early voters will have accounted for about 18 percent of the state's 5.5 million
registered voters.

Final state figures were not available Saturday, but
checks with local election officials in the Triangle showed:

* 90,078 of
Wake County's 480,000 registered voters cast a ballot, about 19 percent of
eligible voters.

* 46,118 people voted in Durham County, about 30
percent of the total registered voters.

* About 30,500 voted in Orange
County, or 32 percent of those registered.

* About 11,600 people voted
in Chatham County, about 30 percent of the county's voters.

The early turnout is more than twice that of 2000, the first time the state ran early,
no-excuse voting, said Gary Bartlett, the executive director of the State Board
of Elections. In that year, 394,158 people voted.

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