Wednesday, September 08, 2004

How to win conservatives over: Don't Think Of An Elephant

Read this:

The Power of Framing
Don Hazen, AlterNet
In this introduction to George Lakoff’s new book, we meet the master of the art and science of political framing.

A Man of His Words
George Lakoff, AlterNet
In this excerpt from his new book, "Don't Think of an Elephant!" George Lakoff talks about how transforming the language of politics can help win the good fight.

I wish there was a sponsor who would make sure that tomorrow morning a copy of the Elephant book lands in the hands of every Democratic Party official at national, state and county level, every elected Democrat, every Democrat running for office, leaders of all volunteer and grassroots organizations, all chiefs-of-staff, speechwriters, spokesmen, and campaign managers of Democrats, and all progressive journalists (Print/Radio/TV/Web).

Important New Book by George Lakoff:

I still did not get my copy. It is a small publisher and they cannot keep up with the demand. They are on "back order" whatever that means in publishers' lingo. Apparently, they are preferentially sending first copies to those people for whom it matters most: campaign managers, elected officials and other Democrats most directly involved in electoral politics this year, and we mere mortals will have to wait. I guess that is the way it should be....I hope Kerry himself got the very first copy.

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