Friday, September 17, 2004

"Framing" is spreading through the Blogosphere

Paperwight has written several posts on his Fair Shot blog expounding on the Lakoff work, including "Post-Reason Politics, Part Two" ( ),
"Eden" ( ), and
"Post-Reason Politics, Part One" ( ).

Those posts were comented on by Mixing Memory ( ) and FUGOP ( ).

Very thoughfull stuff overall.

While the Un-Democratic Party has fully understood the power of framing a long time ago and deliberately sends messages straight to the reptilian brain of their pre-Darwinian constituents, the Democratic Party is still led by naive Dinosaurs who believe that truth and facts can win. I hope that this will change - FAST - and the inability of the publisher to satisfy hight demand for Lakoff's "Elephant" book may be a good omen. I have heard (not confirmed) that 100,000 copies were printed. I still cannot get my copy as, rumors say, the initial batch is going to the campaign staffs of various democrats around the country.

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