Monday, September 06, 2004

Bush is a girlie-man

Read this:

How Kerry Became a Girlie-Man

Only in an election year ruled by fiction could a sissy who used Daddy's connections to escape Vietnam turn an actual war hero into a girlie-man.

Kerry had to lie low for a while, as not to spend too much money in-between conventions. He took his gloves off (and Edwards even more - he actually used the word "lies") on Thursday night. The new TV ads, very negative on Bush as I understand (did not see them yet), have started running yesterday in several states.
I put a lot on the media: no matter how loudly Kerry says something, they do not report it.

Truth can, alas, go only a short way. Did you read the links on the LegalFiction post (Link here: a few days ago about ignorance of the electorate? See also this:
Emotions work. The RNC convention was all macho posturing (see this:

The way to undermine it is not so much to pounce the truth (although that is part of it), but to portray Bush and Republicans as sissies too insecure to tell the truth, girlie men too afraid to take responsibility, spineless snakes who use macho posturing to compensate for male inadequacy. (See this: - Conservatives are sissies).

Since this is a race about who is more macho, Bush has to be seen as a girl!!!! His military non-record has to be front page. 60 minutes next week will be the opening. Another book (The book: The Family
Kitty Kelley, the most dangerous woman in America) is coming out next week that is supposed to be damning to Bush and the media is abuzz. I hope he is portrayed in the book as a sissy. I heard 600,000 copies are in print.

And keep working wherever you are to get people for Kerry and registered to vote!
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