Wednesday, August 25, 2004

1984 or 2004?

My post on JRE blog on October 24, 2003:

The Second edition of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Newspeak is coming out in 2004. The first edition, published initially in 1948, has gone through numerous reprints over the decades. Just to remind you, this Dictionary was a brainchild of one George Orwell who, citing a source identified only as "Big Brother" submitted the first three entries to the Dictionary:

Mr.Orwell guessed at the time that the language would become more widespread by about year 1984. He missed by about two decades, but the time has finally come for the new updated edition. A number of new words and phrases have entered our language that just cannot be ignored any more by the Dictionary editors. Most of the new entries are the brainchildren of one Karl Rove, popularized by a certain Mr.Bush in his speeches. Subscribe now! Just to whet your appetite, here are a few examples of the new entries found in the Second Edition:
COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVISM = financial transfer from the poor to the rich with a smile
TAX CUTS = service cuts, also: feeding the campaign donors
CLEAR SKIES INITIATIVE = unfettered polluting
NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND = taking the funding away from schools
OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM = attack on and subsequent occupation of a faraway country
PATRIOT ACT = reduction of civil liberties
PATRIOT = one who unquestioningly believes every word the Great Leader says
UN-PATRIOTIC = questioning the Great Leader And many, many more….
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