Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy, Etc.

I started teaching again - lectures on Mondays, labs on Saturdays. I think I will turn some of my lecture notes into blogposts over the next day or two. The Lab #1 went just like the last time, so there is no need to write it all up again. I like the students I have this time, and I hope they like me, too.

In the meantime, I am trying to get my finances in order, assemble the next Carnival of the Godless (for May 14th), and think about the 10 Best Birds (I was tagged with that meme as well).

There is a ton of stuff on the Bosnian pyramid out there, mostly NOT in English. I am too overwhelmed with other stuff right now to pay full attention to just this story, but there were some really silly articles in Osmanagic's defence (including an amazing case of projection by a "psychologist") and the last rumor has it that the Bosnian government has issued a law stopping the digging. Osmanagic is touting Atlantis, Aliens and Danikeniana, while my picture is getting dragged on Bosnian forums as a "chetnik". Ah, well... Once I catch my breath, I'll take a closer look at those events and news and translate some bits and pieces for a summary in English.

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