Friday, February 10, 2006

Social Responsibility in Science and Technology

From an e-mail I got yesterday:

As you may already know, Student Pugwash’s mission is to promote social responsibility in science and technology. We prepare science, technology, and policy students to make social responsibility a guiding focus of their academic and professional endeavors. Please visit Student Pugwash USA for details.

We are launching a series of regional conferences this year. The first will be held in the Midwest region at Purdue University, March 31- April 1. It’s open to science students of all disciplines—including science and philosophy and policy students. The conference will feature Dr. Arden Bement, Director of the National Science Foundation and focus on the topic of scientific integrity in the pharmaceutical industry.

A more detailed agenda will be posted shortly at Purdue Student Pugwash. It would be wonderful if professors could forward this information on to interested students.

FYI, the other upcoming conferences this year will be held at Rockefeller University, Carnegie Mellon, and Berkeley, with the possibility of a conference in the North Carolina research triangle area as well. (We are considering North Carolina as a location for our national conference in 2007.)

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