Sunday, January 15, 2006


The best thing (and apparently the best kept secret) about the new Seed Magazine's stable of science bloggers is that you can get them ALL in a single RSS feed:

Frankly, I have bookmarked the front page of ScienceBlogs and placed that bookmark really high, just under my e-mail and sitemeter, to be checked first thing in the morning. Several of my favourites are now there. I feel like I have to make a special effort to check some of my other favourite science bloggers who are NOT part of that group.

They are still fixing some glitches and learning their way around there, but most have resumed blogging at full speed. I cannot post comments on several of the blogs there, but I have notified the owners, as well as the tech support, so hopefully, that will be fixed.

Also, I hear that soon enough they will have the opportunity to change the templates/skins. Good. It looks too uniform right now. It will be nice to see some color there soon.

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