Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blogging Metaphors

Describing technologically challenged bloggers, Colleen's husband said:
“You’re like a gourmet cook that doesn’t know how to use a measuring cup.”
Sometimes I feel like that, too. With all the stuff I want to do with a blog, and seeing all the beautiful blogs I see around, yet I am still reluctant to mess with my template. Still, I like the re-phrasing by one of the commenters there:
"Oh, I like the analogies, but think they should be a little more flattering to such a wonderful chef (although you can't beat a good chili dog every now and then!). I say that no one would have expected Julia Child to know how her oven worked or how to fix it when it broke. All she needed to know was how to turn it on and set the temp. The magic wasn't in how the oven worked. If it had been, the repairman would have been on television. The magic was in knowing which ingredients to choose and how to mix them up. So in my analogy, the words are the ingredients and for you the magic is in the ones you choose and how you mix them up. And you don't need to know how the oven works to do that. I know how the oven works, but would rather know what to put in it!"
Now I need an oven-repairman to help me make this blog look like I want it to look, and to do what I want it to do....and I know how to mix the ingredients and fix you a delicious meal already.

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