Saturday, July 02, 2005

Around the Liberal Coalition

Since I joined the Liberal Coalition, I've noticed that they like to make little round-ups of each others' posts. So, here's my first and I hope my regulars will find them interesting:

Natalie Davis of All Facts And Opinions writes about poverty and Live 8.

John McKay of Archy on the way simple renaming of blogs into online magazines can save one from the FEC.

Mustang Bobby of Bark Bark Woof Woof on a series of mini-Watergates.

David on BlogAmy asks what kind of replacement for Justice O'Connor will be nominated.

Mr. and Mrs.LeftyBrown's Corner are selling comics, books and other stuff on e-bay. Go help them out!

My neighbor Andante of the Collective Sigh will walk in the shoes of the famous....

The farmer of Corrente smells blood...and lipstick.

Supreme Court is on everybody's mind. Horatio of Dodecahedron comments on Harry Reid's strategy.

Ntodd of Dohiyi Mir on a deserved smack in the face of Tom Cruise and on the differences between two wars.

Echidne of the snakes about a real-life snake that goes by the name of Rove and guest-blogging on American Street, also on Rove.

Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake peaked my interest with the picture of my favourite actor of all times - Toshiro Mifune. She is running a contest. If you play, you may win a copy of Wolcott's book, you know, the one about the Poodles....

Jude of Iddybud, one of the few bloggers I met in person, has a good one on O'Connor.

Tony of It's Craptastic is back from hiatus and sees Robert Novak...

Left is Right has all the links for contacting the relevant people about SCOTUS.

Liberty Street suggest a way to help families of fallen soldiers.

Cheery of Make me a commentator on Loonatics.

Musing's musings, which has a wrong link on the automated Coalition blogroll (see sidebar) can be found here instead. Here is a prediction of a SCOTUS summer.

Norbizznes on what else, but O'Connor replacement and the Wingnuts gearing up for a big fight.

Small penis?! What is on Pen-Elayne's mind these days?

Rivka of Respectful of Otters on the framing of Same-Sex Marriage in Canada, and on a website where liberal soldiers stick it to Karl.

Back to the Wild West on Rook's Rant.

Upyernoz on Rubber Hose is trying to figure out how many countries have gay marriage (check the comments).

I just linked to a few of my favourite bloggers, mostly about SCOTUS, but also some fun stuff, and I reviewed The New Evolutionary Manifesto.

My neighbors at Scrutiny Hooligans are up-to-the-minute on Rove. Great photoshop!

Sooner Thought on the Tomlinson's "investigation" of PBS.

Speedkill on the Salon series on Scientology.

Steve Gilliard's News Blog on ABCs controversial "Welcome to the Neighborhood" reality show. I almost wanted that to air (it was cancelled) in order to stir some controversy and show the world who the bigots are.

T.Rex's Guide to Life is very optimistic. I'll remain cautiously semi-demi-optimistic. It may turn out that way, but not without a HUGE fight: Armaggedon-size-huge.

On First Draft, Athenae copies a document, and Holden checks on Scott McLellan.

In Search of Telford (formerly known as "The Gotham City 13") and now moved to a new address here, makes an interesting observation about Iranian elections.

Invisible Library on War Of THe World and Scientology.

Steve Bates on Cronkite.

Trish Wilson, now officially The Countess, is back from the honeymoon, but her mind is still onsex.

Welcome to Gilead on the emerging Theocracy.

Wanda of Words On A Page: All the President's Lies.

WTF Is It Now is following the Rove saga in multiple posts.

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