Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tangled Education of Grand History makes you Smarter

Tangled Bank, the carnival of science, nature, environment, medicine and the interface between science and society, is up on Organic Matters, and it is organized like a trip to a Natural History Museum. And it is HUGE!

The Carnival of Education is back home at The Education Wonks. It is also very big and, judging from the blurbs, there are some very interesting posts there this week.

Sharon gave birth to the latest History Carnival after a long and hard labor, and it is now up on Cliopatria and it is gargantuan (Sharon's term for it).

The newest edition of Grand Rounds, blog carnival of medicine, nursing and health-care, is now up on Dr.Sanity. Wonderful DaVinci theme for the carnival - the docs are so creative, just look at the archives of past editions!

Finally, the Fifth Smarter Than I - The Deep Throat Edition is up.

Face it, you are not going to get any work done today. There is just too much good stuff to read on the carnivals!

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