Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cruel And Unusual Punishment Of UCLA Students

This is so cool! There is a class in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at UCLA called Bad Science (Click on "Login as a guest" button to enter). It covers various stuff that Skeptic's Circle discusses every two weeks (the students should go and take a look at it), for instance the Papp engine, Piltdown man, Lysenkoism, Creationism, Homeopathy, Cold fusion, Global warming (deniers), and E arthquake prediction.

Lo and behold, one of the suggested readings is my Lysenko post!

Now, imagine before the Internet and blogs! I would have jotted down that essay on paper (or clay tablets, or stone tablets) and a few neighbors would know about it. I would not know about California, and Californians would not know about me. Long L ive the Sitemeter, so we can all find out who is linking to whom!

Now, if they also pointed to this post for the unit on earthquake prediction, or this one for Creationism....ÅÅ

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