Wednesday, March 16, 2005

John Edwards Embraces New Communication Technology

Senator Edwards is about to start podcasting, hopefully in a regular fashion ( As an old John Edwards supporter, I am really excited about this. I used to blog like mad on his primary campaign blog, which has since been renamed One America Committee Blog ( More info from the e-mail:

"John Edwards is embracing an exciting new medium for mobilizing the grassroots and getting the word out: podcasting.

What is podcasting? Simply put, it is an MP3 audio file. Rather than downloading it like any other MP3, you subscribe to it. Then, it shows up on your computer or your favorite digital music player. Best of all, since it is a free subscription, every time a new podcast becomes available, it automatically downloads. So you are kept up to date and the latest podcast is always waiting for you! Consider it an Internet radio show that comes directly to your doorstep!

To make this podcast successful, we need your help.

First, submit a question to John Edwards by e-mailing: He will choose as many questions aspossible to answer during the podcast.

Second, visit One America's Web site( to stay up to date on when the podcast will become available.

Third, tell your friends about the podcast. It's a new medium and we need to get the word out!Finally, visit your favorite blogs and forums. Tell everyone about John Edwards' podcast and invite them to get involved, too."

(hat tips: Anonymoses:, Brian and Ed Cone:, and thanks to the arch-blog-meister, Chris Winn)

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