Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Best Blog Reads Of The Day

Odd academic habits
Invertebrate cartilages
...oh, just go there and read everything on the front least. This is currently my most favourite blog (and yes, I beat him to the Woman's Day Quotes edition by good nine hours!):

Two very thought-provoking posts by Publius (and read the excellent discussion in the comments):

Stereotypical science and how to deal with it in the classroom in middle and high schools, in order to get more kids excited about science (somewhat tongue-in-cheeck, but thought-provoking):

Everything you always wanted to know about scientology:
Scientology Media Review I: Understanding the E-Meter
Scientology Media Review II: The Road to Freedom

Disparity Does Not Equal Discrimination - about disparity of ideology in the academia:

Cool new blog:
History of Time Travel

Very interesting new ways Google can work for you:
Google Gives Us Meaning

Beautiful review (with links to a good NYT article) about the evolution of crying (and colic) in human babaies, by Carl Zimmer:
Darwin in the Crib

Finally, Eric takes a Second Look At The Iraq Elections

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