Friday, February 11, 2005

Writing For Carnivals

With the recent proliferation and rise in popularity of blog carnivals, I see more and more people actually writing posts with a specific carnival in mind. I think this is a positive development,as it forces people to think, do some research, and try to write well, instead of usual one-liners with links. As a result everyone benefits, both the writers and the readers. So, sharpen your virtual pencils and get to work.

First up is the Carnival Of The Godless, to be hosted right here, on Science And Politics late tomorrow night or early morning (13 Feb 05). The first two issues were fabulous - you can check them out here and here. Please send your submission to me at coturnix1 AT aol DOT com, or coturnix AT gmail DOT com. You have about 24 hours! It has to be either from godless perspective or about it, otherwise the choice of topics is as broad as you can think of it.

If you write about Lust, Sloth, Anger, Pride, Greed, Gluttony or Envy, you should submit your post for theCarnival Of Sin. Next issue is on Monday, February 14th at Postmodern Courtesan.

After that, it is the time for the next issue of Grand Rounds, the carnival about medicine, nursing and health policy. It comes out on Tuesday, February 15
at Sumer's Radiology.

Please send entries for Education Carnival #2 by 10:00 PM (Pacific) on Tuesday, February 15 to owlshome [at] The first edition of the Carnival should be out by Wednesday morning, February 16th.

Bigwig of Silflay Hraka has started it all with the Carnival of Vanities. The next issue, #126, will be on February 16th.

The first issue of the Skeptic's Circle was a great success. The installment No.2 is coming up on Thursday, 17th of February. Get your submission information here and write something about urban legends, pseudoscience, pseudohistory, or whatever comes to your mind from a skeptical perspective.

The 22nd issue of The Tangled Bank is due on 23rd of February on The Scientific Indian. If you write about biology, nature, environment, or medicine, this is the place to go. Submit your posts to

Next History Carnival is slated for February 25th, at Detrimental Postulation, email: rob AT ifanything DOT org.

Also, the next Philosopher's Carnival is coming out on 27th of February. Send your submissions online at their homepage:

The inaugural issue of The Carnival Of Bad History will be hosted by archy on March 1st.

The second installment of the Carnival Of The Balkans will be on or around 7th of March. More info will be posted on the homepage soon.

Carnivalesque, a carnival of early modern history, is likely to come out in early March. Be on a lookout for more information soon.

Blog Tower does not have regular dates, but if you write from a Progressive perspective (and it does not need to be about politics, check out the previous issues), give Mick Arran a holler and he may include your post in the next issue.

...and there are more. Scroll down and look at the links on my sidebar, or go to the "Archives by Categories" and click on "Blog Carnivals" for more information.

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