Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Grand Rounds, Etc.

An excellent issue of Grand Rounds (the medical carnival) is up:

I removed the post linking to the Carnival of Sin as it was ephemeral, lasting only two days and, as far as I know, not archived for posterity. That's a pity, as it was fun. Unlike the other issues, it was not composed of 30+ posts of erotic stories, but just seven excellent posts, each dedicated to one of the Seven Deadly Sins. My post about sleep (from Circadiana blog) was the Sloth entry.

[Update: It has now been archived here: ]

And, you still have a couple of hours to submit your entry for the inaugural Skeptics' Circle:

Coming up soon:

Skeptic's Circle: 3 Feb 05
Philosophers: 6 Feb 05
History: 6 Feb 05
Balkans: 7 Feb 05
Godless: 7 Feb 05
Tangled Bank: 9 Feb 05

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