Friday, January 21, 2005

The Self-Organization of The Blogosphere

There are two new blog Carnivals that look very promising:

The History Carnival

Carnival of The Godless

I see Carnivals as ever-strengthening nodes of blogosphere network, places where people of similar, often very narrowly specific interests, go to find each other and, through each other, to find rare and hard-to-find information coupled with expert evaluation of such information. Some of those nodes will be more tightly connected to each other than to some other nodes. Thus Tangled Bank, Scian Melt and Grand Rounds are already tightly connected through multiple "members" that send their contributions to (and get blogrolled by) each of the three. There is already overlap between some of the same people from these three carnivals and the Philosopher's Carnival, Carnival of History and Blog Tower, and I truly expect to see some of the same people on Carnival of the Godless, but not on the Carnival of Bush Voters. On the other hand there is overlap between The Philosopher's Carnival, The Christian Carnival, Carnivalesque and Early Modern Carnival.

The jelly-like mess that blogosphere is now, is slowly starting to coagulate and organize around the seeding sites called "carnivals". Here, from Silflayhraka, is a list of carnivals in existence so far:

Carnival of the Vanities
The Bharteeya Blog Mela
Bonfire of the Vanities
Carnival of the Capitalists
The Kissing Booth
Carnival of the Canucks
The BestOfMe Symphony
The Carnival of the Cats
Carnival of the Dogs
Carnival of The Consumers
The Tangled Bank
The Carnival of The Liberated
The Christian Carnival
The Philosopher's Carnival
The Early Modern Carnival
Carnival of The Recipes
Sneak's Wide World of Blogging
Carnival Of the Bush Bloggers
The Storyblogging Carnival
Carnival of Carnivals
Grand Rounds
Carnival Of The Pajamas
Carnival of Poetry
The Carnival Of The Rugrats
Haveil Havalim
The Scian Melt
Carnival of the Families
Carnival of Sin
The History Carnival
Carnival of The Godless

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